South Florida Foreclosure Defense Attorney


Is your house in jeopardy of being foreclosed on? Unfortunately, you are not alone and as the economy continues to remain in an economic slump, we will continue to see an increase in short sales, deeds in lieu, and bankruptcy filings. More and more people today are becoming familiar with the topics of Chapter 7, Chapter 13 and forced deeds in lieu. This knowledge alone though, does not guarantee that one will successfully be able to navigate these waters alone. Therefore, finding the right attorney in order to gain legal support and guidance regarding these issues is vital.
Excited Couple Standing Outside Home - Foreclosure Defence Attorney in Miami, FL
We understand that coming to the realization that one may need to foreclose on their home or actually file for bankruptcy is never an easy decision. As time goes on and these occurrences continue to grow, more and more people are beginning to realize that these actions are no longer the rare or socially stigmatizing issues they once were. These days, they are being seen as what it truly is: a means to an end. Rest assured that with the Law Office of James Alan Poe, your financial matters will be attended by our legal team personally. Our firm can help attend to all of your financial matters, including deficiency judgments and much more.

Did you know that you only have 20 DAYS to respond if you have been served with a foreclosure notice? Therefore, whether you already have been served or are going through the pre-foreclosure process, it is important that you understand that our firm is here to HELP. You need to find out what your options are and also need to take immediate action in contesting the foreclosure of your home if you want to have any chance of saving it. Don't wait, contact us today!